We turn ideas into works of art
Eldorado Stone Mood Board.

Just over a decade ago, the North American market saw a renaissance of Tuscan style residential properties and a rise in commercial spaces using natural and nature-inspired materials to attract customers. Today, specifiers in all channels are embracing the use of biophilic design elements for a broader range of applications than ever before, and we are proud to promote decorative stone as the “project-perfect” solution for exterior and interior spaces of any size, for every market.

Our vision is to lead industry transformation through product innovation and marketing excellence. Backed by a world-class team of skilled artisans, technical leaders and other organizational leaders who literally pioneered the manufactured stone veneer (MSV) category, the Stone Marketing Team provides strategy-based sales and customer support, trend-forward thought leadership, and a wide selection of relevant marketing and communications resources.

Tactically, we have organized our best-in-class team to allow for swift and efficient actions that will help stakeholders at all levels establish MSV as the preferred cladding of choice, increase our wall share and solidify our place at the forefront of design trends.

The experts
Crysta Hailes
Senior Director of Marketing and Portfolio Management 

Composer, Conductor + Half the Orchestra

Crysta makes her mark with a strategy-centered, design-forward brand leadership philosophy that unifies stakeholders across the entire spectrum of the customer journey. By empowering a diversely talented, interorganizational team and coordinating directly with a wide array of specialized trade contacts, Crysta expertly conducts an intricate orchestra tasked with uncovering the spirit of each brand in an industry-leading portfolio of architectural stone veneer and lifestyle brands, matching them to distinct customer desires.

With more than 20 years of experience in the design space, she has an eye for detail, an ear for breakthrough storytelling and a well-honed instinct for positioning an expanding number of exceptional products in today’s highly differentiated marketplace.  Listening intently to customers and colleagues at every turn, she has mastered the art weaving collective feedback into curated, second-to-none brand experiences that deliver emotionally captivating messages that speak directly to customers’ unique needs, invite buy-in and inspire action.

Sarah Lograsso
Director of Marketing & Portfolio Management

Building Products Industry Influencer + Thought Leader

As Director of Marketing and Portfolio Management for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Sarah has successfully coupled her design talents with business acumen to refresh, refine and distinctly position five standout brands in the North American market and abroad. She continues to provide design direction for the brands’ variety of best-selling modern profiles and trend-forward color palettes while also developing tools and merchandising for the commercial success of the multi-brand portfolio. By delivering a steady stream of compelling articles, interviews and technical resources to the market, Sarah has also established herself as a subject matter expert and industry thought leader.

Her expertise and industry acumen are founded on more than 15 years of experience in the manufactured stone veneer and outdoor living products categories. Prior to joining the stone industry, Sarah honed her talent as a designer in custom residential and model home design, where she was responsible for identifying and leveraging trends while refining the aesthetic appeal of a variety of home spaces. Since joining the stone industry more than a decade ago, she has worked with passion to transform the look and feel of decorative, manufactured stone by providing distinctive creative direction throughout the product design process. She has also worked diligently to enhance the prestige of the category through various marketing and promotional efforts targeted at masons, builders, designers, architects and consumers.

To keep her finger on the pulse of emerging trends and the biggest “asks” of tomorrow, Sarah works closely with colleagues on the sales and product management teams, as well as industry influencers and other trendsetters in color and design. By collaborating across this wide network of stakeholders, she is able to build and spearhead strategies that will elevate each brand’s presence in the market while concurrently promoting Westlake Royal Stone Solutions as a sought-after source for cladding solutions and forward-looking industry leadership.

Allie Roqueta
Allie Roqueta
Marketing Brand Manager

Brand Ambassador + Customer Communications Concierge

As Marketing Brand & Digital Manager for the Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Allie leverages years of expertise as a customer liaison and content development specialist to augment our sales team’s in-field efforts by elevating the customer experience at every touchpoint. As a brand ambassador and spokesperson, she works tirelessly to align our sales and marketing strategies by driving messaging, fresh content and tools directly into the hands of our customers and partners in the field to support their reach into the market. When not on the front lines, Allie carries the voice of our customers into the digital domain, leading a record-breaking digital marketing program.

In an industry where personal relationships form the bedrock of all success, Allie serves as a concierge between various internal teams and our customers to facilitate clear communication and delivery of a wealth of resources. In this crucial role, she has engaged stakeholders along the entire value chain while increasing brand ambassadorship and opening new opportunities for demand generation on the local, regional, and national stages.

Chelsey Canto
Marketing Project & Communications Manager

Air Traffic Controller + Knowledge Builder

As Marketing Project and Communications Manager for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Chelsey is a skilled project manager and expert super-communicator whose mission is to keep all communications flowing smoothly in a variety of directions. This includes disseminating routine digests of business and marketing news to a wide range of internal and external customers, as well as streamlining communications and reporting processes among our divisional teams to create consistency in cross-brand work. This focus on elevating knowledge transfer provides an unparalleled strategic alignment between sales and marketing.

Not one to settle for the status quo, Chelsey leverages her innate organizational skills to elevate and unify our collective efforts in trafficking and fulfilling incoming requests while advancing new opportunities and sharing knowledge about developing trends. She works across the business to identify and bridge gaps in tools and resources while finding creative ways to transfer marketing-generated knowledge into the hands of both sales and customers.

Halfacre (1)
Sarah Halfacre
Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Story Architect

As Digital Marketing Manager for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Sarah takes a unique and creative approach to content generation and promotion by telling the decorative stone story in new, compelling and modern ways. As a former Walt Disney World cast member focused on marketing strategy, she has a deep-rooted passion for people that reveals itself in the way she visualizes, crafts and shares stories in the ever-evolving digital space. This includes leveraging video and photography, social media, and web design to reach target audiences.

Driven by her love of storytelling and her passion for understanding audience mindsets, Sarah produces dynamic content that is consistently rooted in brand identity and consumer insights. Crucially, while advancing our brands’ business initiatives, she also pushes for the interpersonal connection that will ultimately inspire our audiences to act. Her fresh perspective has prompted new methods of digital communication and support, resulting in consistent and record-breaking increases in brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.